Spring is coming February 26 2020

Onneke shop Seaford East Sussex

Every single person that has come into the shop in the last week has complained about the weather. It's been stormy and wet and we are all longing for Spring. To add colour to this very grey February, I have added lots of coloured strips to the window and when the sun does pop out, it makes for the most incredible colour play. 

Artist window

The February artist window (our first artist window, I should add) was made by the very talented Flo Woolgar. 

Flo also works in the Onneke shop one day a week. Her children’s books and prints are fun and mischievous with a ‘yep, that’s Flo!’ sense of humour. Flo loves to play with colours and textures and mark making and applies a unique mixed media technique to all her work.

Flo is currently working on a new children’s book that will be narrated by a turtle who takes a journey from A to Z around the world meeting sea animals in various seas and oceans. They leave messages of help and change about the pollution and the impact it has on them. Flo will be exhibiting in the Crypt Gallery in Seaford 0n 16, 17, 18 & 19th of May.

You can find Flo online at www.creativeflorence.co.uk or on www.instagram.com/flowoolgar/