Join us at... March 23 2020

I have thought about re-starting the blog (I used to write a creative blog years ago) for ages. And now seems like the right time. So I would love for you to join me at design school. It's for kids of all ages, let's say from 4 to 104. But you could give it a go if you are younger or older too :-)

At design school you will be learning all sorts of things about use of line, shape, colour palettes, composition, texture, white space, typography, hand lettering, illustration, use of pattern and much much more. Because these are strange times, we will be using only materials that we have in our houses already. If you haven't got them you can be creative and think outside the box.

For our very first project, we will be designing and illustrating a whole alphabet. That's right, all 26 letters. Don't worry, I will help you along the way, and we have got plenty of time :-) Each letter will be one project with new things to learn and explore. You could finish it in 20 minutes or you could take a couple of hours.

Young children might like to do this together with a parent or carer and older children might rather do this all alone. Anything goes. Just have fun with it. I would be thrilled if you or your child shared their work, via email or Instagram and I will be putting together galleries of all the letters we make together.

Let's get started. Tomorrow will be our very first class. I hope you will join us :-)

PS. Please note that I am not a teacher, I am just a creative person and ever since I was a child I have loved making things.