My first window display June 26 2017

With the opening of the Onneke shop & studio on 37 High Street in Seaford, East Sussex a few months ago, I had to all of a sudden figure out how to design window displays. Now, three months later and working on my 5th display, I can honestly say that it is one of my favourite things to do. And so I thought I would write some blog posts about them to give other retailers inspiration and ideas. I found that there is very little info and images around about window design, possibly because we all need to keep our great ideas to ourselves. But hey, go ahead and copy them. Obviously not if you live in Seaford, but the world is a big place and your beautiful shop window elsewhere is not going to have a negative effect on my shop here. 

So off we go... 

I first opened the shop in March a couple of weeks before Mother's Day and so that was the main focus of my first window. My shop has the most beautiful shop front with three window panels in the main window. The centre window has my shop logo and so the window display is mostly focused on the left and right window. Apart from selling the Onneke collection of prints, cards and stationery, I stock a lot of work from other independent designers and artists and I want my window display to reflect the creativity that you can find in the shop. 

So for my first window I borrowed a beautiful old Olivetti typewriter and made a big red love heart with in kids writing the word MUM in the middle. I propped it up on a little stand and then used about ten sheets of paper with just xxxx typed on to it in both black and red to make the shape of a love heart. It was tricky to give the impression that the sheets were flying out of the typewriter and up towards the top of the window, but with some fishing line and sticky tape and a lot of patience, it ended up looking just like that. 

My husband hung some copper piping from the ceiling above the window, which I can use for anything that needs hanging down. 

I also made a little traffic sign that rather than STOP reads SHOP, which is just some wood cut into a hexagon with a jigsaw and some printed paper glued onto it. I have been meaning to have it made properly but haven't had the time!

April showers window display

For my second window display I picked April showers. Though slightly ambitious, I like the idea of changing the window every month to keep things fresh. This display focused mainly on the window left from my central window and consisted of a painted mdf cloud (that handy jigsaw again!) with colourful rain falling down from it. I made the rain drops from thick textured paper and painted only one side of each drop in different colours with watercolour paint. I drilled little holes in the bottom of the cloud and used fish wire to hang the drops down.

Underneath the cloud I had fresh daffodils in welly boots. Daffodils are cheap in April, and as I refreshed the water every day, I only had to change them ones a week so it cost me a total of 12 pounds in 4 weeks. I loved all the comments that people gave on them and I loved that kids thought I had filled the welly boots with water (I had cut the tops of two empty plastic bottles and stuffed those inside)...

At the end of the month, I did a give away on Facebook and the rain cloud ended up in one of the local after school clubs. The give away generated a lot of free publicity for the shop and I loved that it ended up in such a lovely place.