C is for... March 31 2020

A couple of you have messaged me to ask where the next post is... Sorry!!!!! I meant to have it ready yesterday but the days are filling up with home schooling and design work quickly. But here we go!

How have you all been???

Today we will be working on the letter C, and no... C is NOT for Corona virus, C is for Colour. Colour theory is a very complex subject and we are not going to be talking about that today. Instead we are going to have some fun with colour. 

You know that question that people always ask you: What's your favourite colour? To me that has always been a silly question, because a colour on it's own is just a colour. Instead we should ask: What's your favourite colour combination?? :-) Because when we put two or three or more colours together a magical thing happens...

If you asked me what my least favourite colour is, I would probably say red, or purple. I am not fond of red on it's own, but I do love red together with other colours. I made a quick colour palette here with a picture from my phone, and I love this red together with the lighter pink and the different tones of blue. 

When I was little, I was the proud owner of a large box of caran d'ache colour pencils and one of my favourite things to do was ordering the pencils into different colour palettes. Now when I start a new project, I still do a similar thing but I do it on the computer. I make a palette with colours that I plan to use, sometimes it contains lots of colours, sometimes only two or three. 

Let's get started...

For today's project I would like you to have a look around the house for things that you could use to make a colour palette. You will need a phone to take pictures again. Try out some different colour palettes by arranging colours together and take a picture each time so you can look back at it a little bit later. Are you going to use lots of colours or just two or three?

For your piece you could use pieces of lego, colour pencils or felt tips, buttons or paperclips, hama beads or a mix of all the colourful things you can find. When you have decided what colours you are going to use, I would like you to use all your elements to make the letter C!

Let's make a flat lay...

This beautiful picture was made by artist Lisa Congdon and we call this a flat lay. A flat lay is a picture taken from above of a collection of items laid out on a flat surface. Your final piece today will be a flat lay of the letter C using the colours that you picked for your colour palette (or you could use a rainbow of colours, like in the picture above).

Last but not least I wanted to share a picture with you of my son when he was six years old (he is nearly 15 now!), he used to love making pictures with things from around the house :-) It's also your reminder not to be fussy but to just have fun. Remember that you can email your picture to me via info@onneke.com. I will be back again in a few days with letter D. 

Keep safe,