B is for... March 26 2020

Thank you everyone that visited our first class at design school. It was read and shared so many times and some of you have started to send in pictures of your work, which makes me so very happy. 

For today's class we will be illustrating and designing the letter B. But first I am going to be talking to you about one of my favourite things in design: the element of surprise. This is the bit in the picture that makes you go: Ha! It's the thing that catches your eye and makes you smile. 

Remember you need to pick something that starts with a B first. B is for bear... bumble bee, baby, ball... 

Let's look at some examples of surprise and you will also see what I picked for the letter B...

This picture is from one of my sketchbooks (it's from 2012!) It was drawn with a black pen on brown paper. If you have never tried drawing on brown paper, I would say give it a try because it is so pleasing to draw on. You can even use that white pencil or crayon that is always unused. It doesn't need to be a brown paper sketch book, you could use a paper bag or some kraft paper. 

So my B is for boat. Can you see how by putting the boat in an unusual place, you create an element of surprise? My favourite thing in this picture is still the little face in the cloud, that makes the rain look like tears. I made this picture a long time ago and I called it storm in a teacup. 

I have always loved a ship in a bottle. Have you ever seen one? In this picture a tiny boat is lifted out of a bottle by a whale. The little boat becomes the symbol for the adventure that we can have when we think outside the box. Remember that you can also add surprise to your picture with the text that you add. 

The following picture is from artist Oliver Jeffers, I am sure you know him from his beautiful picture books.

I remember reading this book to my children when they were little and I always loved turning to this page. Every time I saw it the picture took me by surprise. I love the boat seen from above and the shapes of the whales. 

This lovely picture is from Belle & Boo and I love that the boat is a paper boat. It makes the picture dreamy and magical. The paper boat is the element of surprise in this picture.

Let's get started...

Now for today's class I would like you to make a drawing using any material. It needs to include the letter B and your 'thing' that starts with a B and I would like you to think about the element of surprise in your picture. Let's take the boat as an example. Think about where you will place the boat. Could it be part of the letter? Or could the B be somewhere in the water? Maybe on a buoy? 

Remember to have fun with it and not to be fussy. 

I would love to see your pictures. You can email them to me at info@onneke.com or send them to my Instagram or Facebook. A little bit later down the line I will put a gallery together. 

Take care and keep safe,