Gallit Shaltiel - ARTWAVE 2019 June 25 2019

Gallit Shaltiel is an East Sussex based artist and educator who has travelled and lived in many places, gaining a wealth of inspiration along the way.

Inspiration for work comes from many sources. At times the inner world, expressing state of mind and the subconscious and other times from observational drawings from museums or anatomical diagrams.

Recently, work has been inspired by rudimentary, expressive shapes and figures from her toddler’s drawings. Silhouette is a consistent motif in the work, inspired by Jung’s ‘Shadow Theory’ and the, transformative force of harnessing ’the shadow’ part of the psyche.

Directness of visual language is important to the nature of the work and often starts with hand cut card silhouettes, magically transformed through photographing on a light box. The work is later digitalised and presented as giclee print.

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