Celia Gates - ARTWAVE 2019 August 08 2019

Celia Gates is a Seaford based design thinking consultant who paints in acrylic for fun.  Author of “Energizing Fresh Thinking”, her original, quasi-mosaic painting style adds fresh energy to familiar, local landscape scenes.

Kamila Dogget - ARTWAVE 2019 August 06 2019

Kamila is a silversmith from Seaford who really enjoys making contemporary silver jewellery in her little loft space workshop at home, away from the kids and in her own world where she gets to escape and create.

Robin Shell - ARTWAVE 2019 August 01 2019

Having retired as child, art / play therapist, Robin Shell is now a Reiki, Shamanic and Crystal-healing practitioner as well as an artist.

Kristina and Nick Ford - ARTWAVE 2019 August 01 2019

Kristina’s passion for stained glass began whilst studying at Art College and blossomed when she attended stained glass evening classes where she learnt to develop her skills and techniques.

Mike Stones - ARTWAVE 2019 August 01 2019

Sitting somewhere between representation and abstraction Mike Stones' recent landscape paintings are the shapes, patterns, marks and colours of the Sussex landscape.

Emma West - ARTWAVE 2019 August 01 2019

Emma is an illustrator and maker from Seaford. She recently graduated from Portsmouth University with a first class honours degree in Illustration.

Greta Clark - ARTWAVE 2019 July 08 2019

Greta is a creative character who gets busy when the mood takes her. She is not precious about her work and tries not to force ideas.

Elise Ceramics - ARTWAVE 2019 July 08 2019

Originally from Switzerland, Elise lives in Eastbourne now where she works as a ceramicist.

Florence Woolgar - ARTWAVE 2019 July 01 2019

Florence Woolgar has worked 25+ years as a graphic designer and has been a full time illustrator 4 years.

Julia Clark - Artwave 2019 July 01 2019

Julia’s recent work focuses on textile based pieces inspired by local landscapes and seascapes.

Lubilou Ceramics - ARTWAVE 2019 June 27 2019

Lisa from Lubilou Ceramics started working in clay in 2008, after moving to the South coast and finding inspiration from the surrounding wide open landscapes and the creative buzz of nearby Brighton.

Cécile Garcia - ARTWAVE 2019 June 27 2019

Cécile is originally from Lancashire, but has lived and worked in East Sussex for many years. Her textile designs take influence from the coast and surrounding landscapes.

HS Botanics, Nikki Turnwald - ARTWAVE 2019 June 26 2019

This Artwave you will find a range of Kokedama's from Handspun Botanics in the Onneke shop in Seaford.

Richard K Potter - ARTWAVE 2019 June 26 2019

Richard K Potter's work features landscapes, seascapes and modern works that reflect the natural environment and our primordial place within it.

Liz Toole - ARTWAVE 2019 June 25 2019

In her recent work, Liz Toole has been creating imaginary scenes filled with the patterns of nature inspired by both the Sussex countryside and the diversity of life she found whilst travelling in Africa. She is interested in looking at details of trees and plants, Indian textiles and bird encyclopaedias, and merging these sources to create, wall-paper like patterns that celebrate the English decorative tradition.

Her latest prints have been hand-made in small editions in Brighton, using the techniques of lino-cutting and screen-printing.

You can find out more about Liz Toole here.

Liz Toole Artwave 2019

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Amy Herbert - ARTWAVE 2019 June 25 2019

Amy grew up in Seaford, surrounded by the unique Sussex coastline and countryside. Picking up a camera not long after the birth of her daughter, they now explore the local area together.

Gallit Shaltiel - ARTWAVE 2019 June 25 2019

Gallit Shaltiel is an East Sussex based artist and educator who has travelled and lived in many places, gaining a wealth of inspiration along the way.

Caroline Bond - ARTWAVE 2019 June 25 2019

Caroline Bond is a local fibre artist and activist making sculptures and forms from discarded fishing nets and ropes picked up from the beach in Seaford.

Onneke Northcote-Green - ARTWAVE 2019 June 25 2019

Onneke is a Seaford based designer, illustrator and maker.